Undertaker conspiracy
Some fringe theorists believe Earl Hebner (inset) orchestrated the Undertaker’s surprising loss at WrestleMania.

Although most fans of professional wrestling agree that the Undertaker suffered decisive, albeit surprising, loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, a vocal minority of conspiracy theorists suggest the Undertaker was “screwed” by referee Earl Hebner.

The theory was first put forward by a prominent blogger by the alias of Screwjob Truther, who insists Hebner somehow orchestrated a premature end to the match, under the strict orders by conniving WWE promoter Vince McMahon.

Proponents of the conspiracy theory point to several pieces of “incriminating evidence” that they say reveal a diabolical ruse perpetrated on wrestling fans, including:

  • Earl Hebner, or perhaps twin brother Dave, was reportedly spotted in a Bourbon Street bar the night before WrestleMania, “looking nervous”
  • Footage from a fan’s camera shows a blurry image of what looks like Hebner sitting just behind the timekeeper during the match
  • The letters in “Earl Hebner” can be rearranged to spell “Nab Heel Err,” which conspiracy theorists believe indicate that Hebner helped the “heel” (Lesnar) “nab” an “erroneous” victory
  • Bret Hart was overhead saying “not again” after the match

The conspiracy theorists have failed to explain, though, how Hebner could have orchestrated the ending of a match for which he was not the acting referee.

Most fans agree, however, that no matter what led to the Undertaker’s loss, it’s safe to blame President Barack Obama.