brock vickie
Brock Lesnar will soon face — and almost certainly be conquered by — Vickie Guerrero.

A summer intern at the corporate headquarters World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been fired after a contractual mix-up that sealed a SummerSlam showdown between Brock Lesnar and Vickie Guerrero.

The identity of Lesnar’s mystery opponent was meant to be revealed this week on Smackdown, but he unknowingly signed on for a match against Guerrero with a “Winner Becomes Smackdown GM” stipulation.

It turns out that 21-year-old Lisa McClintock, a summer intern in WWE’s Human Resources department, made the mistake when she confused WWE’s “Beast” with its self-described “Cougar.”

“We regret this error,” WWE honcho Vince McMahon said at a press conference this morning. “But a signed contract is legally binding, and we are obligated to proceed with the match.”

Vegas oddsmakers are predicting a brief and violent massacre, with Guerrero obviously emerging victorious.