Phil Robertson homophobe
Darren Young (left) would like to pummel Phil Robertson on behalf of all gay and black people.

Darren Young, a black and openly gay professional wrestler, has issued a challenge to hillbilly homophobe Phil Robertson over controversial remarks made by the Duck Dynasty star.

Young, who came out of the closet last August, has taken exception to Robertson’s recent comments that gay people are “full of murder, envy, strife and hatred,” and that black people were treated fine in the Jim Crow-era south.

Naturally, Young is infuriated by these remarks — not only because he is a gay black man, but because he is a sentient human being capable of rational thought.

Although Robertson and a legion of supporters have defended the remarks under the guise of “religious freedom,” Young and all sensible, decent people have dismissed them as the ravings of a small-minded bigot whose intolerance and hatred runs contrary to the real tenets of Christianity.

Young has therefore challenged the dimwitted manufacturer of duck whistles to a grudge match at WWE’s upcoming WrestleMania 30 event.

According to backstage rumors, the match will have an interesting stipulation: if Young loses, he must buy 1,000 duck whistles; if Robertson loses he must watch an x-rated gay adult film called Dick Dynasty.