Great Khali
A rare photo of the so-called “Great Khali” out of costume, revealing his true identity.

The wrestling community is reeling amid revelations that The Great Khali, long believed to be a towering behemoth, is actually just one average-sized Indian man riding on another man’s shoulders.

“We regret to announce that the rumors are indeed true,” reads a press release issued by WWE this morning.

“The Great Khali is actually actually two men — Gurdip Singh, an Indian peasant who stands a mere five-foot-four, astride the shoulders of his friend Steve Henderson. We have all been conned.”

Singh and Henderson reportedly achieved their deception by wearing the lifelike leotard once worn by Giant Gonzales (after removing the patches of phony fur). They completed the ensemble with a pair of loose-fitting red pants.

Though most people believed The Great Khali exactly what he was purported to be, a few wrestling pundits began expressing doubts about Khali’s true identity last year.

“Something about the way he moves — slow, wobbly and loping — it doesn’t seem quite right,” said one prominent wrestling blogger. “I thought to myself, either that’s a regular-sized guy on stilts, or it’s two dudes wearing a Khali costume. The latter was true, it seems.”


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