wwe dance-off
Fans of both wrestling and dancing can expect to be disappointed by an upcoming “wrestle-off” on dancing with the stars.

Inspired by a recent “dance-off” on WWE Raw, celebrity talent competition Dancing With the Stars has announced that a future episode will feature a “wrestle-off” between two rival competitors.

Comedian Andy Dick and country music singer Wynona Judd are scheduled to square off in a singles match, scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit, during an upcoming episode of popular ABC reality program.

The unprecedented development was inspired by a “dance-off” between professional wrestlers Chris Jericho and Fandango, which opened a recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

Unfortunately, very little dancing actually occurred before Fandango’s dance partner, Summer Rae, cunningly feigned an ankle injury so that Fandango could sneak-attack Jericho.

It is expected that the “wrestle-off” on Dancing With the Stars will, in similar fashion, quickly devolve into a dancing match.

Based on the crowd reaction at Raw, the studio audience at Dancing With the Stars can expect to be bored and disappointed.