brodus clay movie
Brodus Clay co-stars in No One Lives — the first film by WWE Studios to garner negative reviews from critics.

Hollywood is reeling today with the unprecedented news that a film released by renowned production house WWE Studios has received a number of negative reviews.

No One Lives, a shock-horror film co-starring WWE superstar Brodus “The Funkasaurus” Clay, has somehow failed to capture the affections of film critics.

This comes as a surprise to executives at WWE Studios, who are accustomed to their films earning glowing reviews, award nominations and unanimous acclaim from moviegoers.

No One Lives currently has a rating of 21 percent on and a mere 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with reviewers describing it as “puerile,” “dunderheaded” and “laughably unwatchable.”

Such reviews are in stark contrast to those written about other WWE Studios films, such as Knucklehead (“a masterpiece of unparalleled insight”), See No Evil (“a modern-day Citizen Kane”) and The Chaperone (“the defining artistic moment of our era”).

“We don’t know what went wrong with No One Lives,” said Stephen DeGroot, Executive Vice-President of WWE Studios. “We assumed No One Lives was a definite Oscar contender, but the negative reviews are very puzzling indeed.”

DeGroot said reviews will “undoubtedly be much more favorable” for WWE Studios’ next film: The Marine 4, starring Hornswoggle in the title role.