David Wills
David Wills insists that Kayfabe News is still real to him.

An emotional wrestling fan, confronted with the notion that Kayfabe News reports is satirical “unreal” stories, tearfully sobbed today that it is still real to him.

Adamantly refusing to believe that Kayfabe News presents parody stories about professional wrestling, David Wills tearfully professed his his feelings during a wrestling convention in Spartanburg, VA.

For nearly two years, Wills has been convinced of legitimacy of Kayfabe News articles including:

Shawn Michaels finds smile, kills it with crossbow

Schyster audits DiBiase

Mars Rover captures images of Ric Flair’s Space Mountain

Sitting atop a set of high school bleachers and clutching a microphone, the crying wrestling fan proclaimed: “It’s still real to me!”

After the slightest pause, he then emphasized his point with a single word: “Dammit!”


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