Ric Flair
One of the first photographs transmitted by the Mars Curiosity rover depicts what scientists believe is the Space Mountain frequently mentioned by Ric Flair.

After a harrowing but successful landing on Mars this past Sunday, the Curiosity rover has already begun to transmit photographs of the Martian topography — including a remarkable image of the “Space Mountain” frequently mentioned by Ric Flair.

NASA mission manager Derek Watson said the images are “even better than could be imagined,” thanks to their clear depiction of a Flair-like face seemingly etched into a distant mountain face, like a Martian Mount Rushmore.

For decades, professional wrestling fans have heard the flamboyant Flair raving maniacally about “Space Mountain,” but many presumed he was making a thinly veiled reference to his genitalia.

NASA scientists, however, have long hypothesized that Flair was actually referring to a real feature of the Martian landscape, and the recent photographs snapped by the Curiosity rover confirm this theory.

“We weren’t sure exactly what we would see when Curiosity touched down,” said Watson. “But we had our fingers crossed for Space Mountain and, with some guidance from Naitch himself, we found it.”

Along with the new photographs, hyper-sensitive microphones deployed by Curiosity picked up a faint but clearly discernible sound emanating from Space Mountain, which sounded like “woooo.”

The discovery seems to confirm what many wrestling fans have assumed all along: Ric Flair must be from outer space.