TNA women
The first — and last — date of Jessica Quin and Tyler Wright

After taking a young woman to a professional wrestling show for a first date, a local man is starting to realize that a second date is probably not forthcoming.

“In hindsight, maybe going to a movie would have been a better idea,” said 26-year-old Tyler Wright, whose repeated follow-up calls, emails and texts to Jessica Quinn have yielded no response.

Last Saturday, Wright informed Quinn — whom he “met” through an online dating site — that he had “something really special in store” for their first date.

The young woman spent all of Saturday afternoon at a salon getting her hair and nails done, and wore a slinky red dress for the occasion,and thus felt embarrassingly overdressed at the Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) show the pair attended that night.

She had assumed they were going for a nice dinner, but she instead ate a day-old hot dog at a smelly hockey arena that smelled like an armpit.

Wright had assumed that the sight of so many muscular, oiled-up men in spandex might get his companion “in the mood for some hanky panky,” but the disheartened woman instead claimed to be really tired and left the arena halfway through the match between Magnus and Mr. Anderson.

Wright vowed that, from now on, he will only date women he meets in online wrestling forums.

He has yet to discover that there are no women in online wrestling forums.