corey graves tattoosProfessional wrestling commentator Corey Graves shared a photo on Twitter today revealing that he finally just went ahead and tattooed his entire face.

“At this point, why not?” Graves wrote. “I was running out of available space anyway.”

The new tattoos include several “tribal” designs, a rose, some barbed wire, and other cliched twaddle that countless people want indelibly etched into their skin for some reason.

An otherwise handsome, well-coiffed and athletic young man, Graves decided several years to get his neck tattooed, thus ensuring a lifetime of having trouble acquiring bank loans.

Graves also has full sleeve tattoos on his arm, the words “stay down” tattooed on his knuckles, and the words “bad decisons (sic)” misspelled in all-caps on his abdomen.

With his latest tattoos, Graves follows the lead of other high-class sportsmen — such as Perry Saturn and Mike Tyson, and further proves the hypothesis that professional wrestlers are biologically incapable of making wise tattooing decisions.


Keep it kayfabe, bro. Get a shirt!