Punk ufc
MMA insiders say Dana White “screwed” CM Punk because Punk was threatening to leave UFC for the World Badminton Federation.

Fans of mixed martial arts are united in disbelief at the revelation that Dana White, the billionaire mogul behind UFC, may have “screwed” CM Punk out of victory by prematurely calling for the bell in Punk’s debut fight.

In a slow-motion replay from a camera angle not broadcast during Saturday’s UFC 203 event, White can be seen wildly gesticulating at cageside and mouthing the words “ring the damn bell.”

After the referee stopped the match, a shocked Punk climbed one wall of the Octagon and spit in White’s face.

Punk then traced the word “BELLATOR” in the air with his finger, indicating he will soon switch allegiances to the rival MMA promotion.

Although White denies having “screwed” Punk, insisting instead that “Punk screwed Punk,” it is believed that he will capitalize on the controversy be re-branding himself as “Mr. White,” an evil corporate overlord who doesn’t take kindly to rebellious rabble-rousers.