Ryback indy
Ryback says he will not demand to be fed more in England because the cuisine there is awful.

Professional wrestler Ryan “Ryback” Reeves, recently released from his WWE contract, is hitting the British independent wrestling circuit with a 30-city tour that, for reasons unclear, seems to skip Sheffield.

“The Big Guy” will travel to cities including London, Oxford, Leicester, and Leeds, but will drive right past Sheffield, which, with a population of 500,000, is one of the eight largest cities in England.

Wrestling fans in the greater South Yorkshire region are upset that Ryback has decided to skip Sheffield, since they have an insatiable hunger for live wrestling that demands to be fed more.

Sources close to Ryback reveal he has never liked Sheffield, and has never considered the city to be a “nexus” of anything interesting.

He seems to harbor a deep resentment for the city, reportedly because the last time he drove near it on the A61 highway his car hit a pothole and snapped a rybaxle.