Sasha bayley charlotteWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that WrestleMania will “get some Attitude┬«” next month with the addition of a Bra-and-Panties stipulation in the three-way match between Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha Banks.

According the the rules, the winner of the match — and the WWE Women’s Championship — will be the woman who can first strip her opponent down to her brassiere and underwear.

The announcement surprised many fans, as well as the wrestlers themselves, since it has been more than a decade since WWE has hosted such a lascivious match for an arena full of slobbering, hooting neanderthals.

It is particularly surprising, since WWE has made great strides in recent years toward equal treatment of women on the roster. Once considered just buxom ringside eye-candy, now women and men on the WWE roster are equally considered to be bizarre sideshow clowns who play-fight in spandex.

It is believed that the Bra-and-Panties stipulation was added to increase ticket sales for WrestleMania, since only 17 of the available 65,000 tickets had been sold as of this morning.