cesaro shoulder tape
Cesaro demonstrated his toughness by note only finishing the match, but using his detached arm to high-five fans en route to the locker room.

Tragedy has befallen Swiss sports-entertainer Cesaro, whose left arm became detached from his body after the black tape affixing it to his shoulder lost its adhesion.

Cesaro and partner Sheamus were in the midst of their 287th match against The New Day when Cesaro attempted a gutwrench suplex, but instead dropped opponent Xavier Woods — and his own amputated arm — to the mat.

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Remarkably, a bleeding and disoriented Cesaro still finished the match, picking up his torn-off left arm with his right hand, and then using using the disembodied limb to tag in Sheamus.

Most fans believed the ubiquitous kinesio-tape on Cesaro’s shoulder was meant to relieve muscle and tendon strain, but evidently the adhesive tape was the only thing keeping his right arm affixed to his body.

As a testament to his toughness, Cesaro carried his detached arm to the locker room after the match, where WWE medics managed to re-attach it using more durable duct tape.


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