mitb ticketTodd Menderchuk, an avid fan of professional wrestling from rural Illinois, withdrew every last dollar of his money in the bank today in order to attend an event titled — in a sad irony that Menderchuk failed to notice —  Money in the Bank.

Despite being three months behind on his rent and deeply in debt, the 34-year-old former sandwich artist spent his last $159 on a ticket to the event at Chicago’s Allstate Arena because he “heard CM Punk is going to return at that show” (he is not).

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Menderchuk has been making poor financial decisions his whole life, mostly related to his love of sports entertainment, such as the time he paid $750 for a pair of wrestling boots purported to have been worn by Ric Flair at the 1989 Great American Bash (they were actually worn by Barry Horowitz at a 2003 taping of Sunday Night Heat).

Sadly, immediately after purchasing his Money in the Bank ticket, Menderchuk realized he will not be able to make to the event because he can no longer afford a bus ticket to Chicago.

“This is worse than the time I bought a ticket to Roadblock but missed the whole show because of a roadblock,” he said.