The re-re-re-rematch between John Cena and Rusev will have an innovative new stipulation.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) presents its Payback event this Sunday, and the card will see superstars John Cena and Rusev square off in an innovative “Last Fan Watching” match.

The winner of the Cena-Rusev re-re-re-rematch will be determined only after every fan in attendance has dozed off, gone to the bathroom, or walked out of the arena in frustration, according to a WWE press release.

The referee will declare a victor based on which wrestler inspired the most boos and derogatory chants before the audience ceased paying attention entirely. Fans watching at home will also be able to “vote” for a winner by turning off the WWE Network at the precise moment when the match becomes the most repetitive and predictable.

The unusual stipulation was decreed for the match after WWE matchmakers finally realized that the majority of wrestling fans would rather catch a few minutes of shut-eye than watch yet another match between the jive-talking Cena and the nefarious Russian.

The duo last squared off in a “Russian Chain Match” at the Extreme Rules event, which was held approximately 140 minutes ago.

Most experts believe fans will grow weary of the match quickly and it will end well within its 20-minute time limit.