Heel-turn wrestling
The Big Show turns face mere moments after turning heel mere moments after turning face.

Gargantuan professional wrestler The Big Show shocked fans at a recent World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event by turning heel, then face, then heel, then face, and so forth several more times.

The Big Show started the event as a “babyface” or “face,” a grinning good-guy who shook hands with adoring fans on his way to the ring.

At first, it seemed he would compete against Seth Rollins in a respectable and rule-abiding manner, so fans felt justifiably betrayed when the giant formed an alliance with Rollins and attacked Dolph Ziggler, thereby “turning heel” (or becoming a bad guy).

Big Show then quickly turned face by showing remorse and rescuing Ziggler, then turned heel by choke-slamming Ziggler, then turned face by delivering a seemingly sincere apology, then turned heel by telling fans to “shove it,” then turned face with a teary-eyed plea for forgiveness.

This schizophrenic flip-flopping continued for another 15 minutes, with Big Show alternately lashing out at fans and fellow wrestlers, then apologizing and pandering for cheers, and so on.

It was, according to one fan who witnessed it, “pretty much a typical show.”