nikk cena
These people don’t care about your personal life, and the feeling should be mutual.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are the most talked-about estranged couple in sports-entertainment, and reliable sources are reporting today that any curiosity you might have about their relationship status is a misguided distraction from focusing on your own problems.

People magazine reported this week that Cena and Bella “are basically back together,” and further reported that this information should matter to you roughly as much as the color of a lavatory wall in a Kathmandu bus depot.

Rumours of reconciliation were also reported today by E!, though the article also contained the caveat that you should really work on mending your own damaged interpersonal relationships rather than obsessing over celebrities whose lives have no tangible connection to your own.

One source close to the couple confirmed that “you must have more important things to care about” and that “you should probably read a book or something.”

Fans who want to follow the Cena-Bella saga can tune in to the next season of Total Divas, or achieve the same intellectual stimulation by pushing pencil crayons into their ear canals until they feel a pop.


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