al snow head
Al Snow insists that he only used the term “Head” to describe his mannequin friend, nothing else.

Veteran professional wrestler Alan “Al” Snow was aghast and embarrassed today when, nearly two decades after coining a popular catch-phrase — “What does everybody want? Head!” — he realized it could be misconstrued as having sexual connotations.

“Oh my good heavens!” Snow exclaimed aloud upon the sudden realization that “head” is a slang term for fellatio. “That was never my intention! Good lord, there were children watching! What have I done?”

Snow issued a statement this morning insisting that “any double-entendre or sexual innuendo was purely coincidental and unintentional.”

“When I asked what everybody wanted,” the statement continues, “I was glad to hear them shout ‘Head’ because I thought they were referring to my best friend, the mannequin head.”

Snow says he is “mortified and saddened” that young, impressionable fans might have interpreted his slogan as a rallying cry for oral sex, which he insists “should be saved for marriage.”

Upon reflection, Snow said, he is starting to wonder what DX was referring to with the phrase “suck it.”


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