nxt 2.0 colours
You call THAT colorful, WWE? Lame. Try harder.

Let’s give credit where it is due: World Wrestling Entertainment did indeed make a big improvement when it launched the brightened-up NXT 2.0 brand refresh, finally abandoning the old, monochromatic black-and-yellow blahs of the original, hideously ugly NXT. 

But let’s be honest, people: there’s still not enough color in NXT 2.0 to satisfy today’s discerning fan of professional wrestling. 

Our investigative reporters discovered that NXT 2.0’s palate only utilizes a mere 61 percent of the colours within the visible spectrum! What a rip-off, right? We were promised that NXT would be colorful beyond our wildest expectations, but they actually skimped out on a lot of colors. Gee, thanks Vince! 

Come on, WWE. You can do better than this! Don’t you realize that AEW is hot on your trail, quickly buying up the exclusive rights to colors ranging from run-of-the-mill purple to sultry mauve to exotic aureolin and even mysterious gamboge?

Let’s just hope that NXT 3.0 is coming soon, and that it ACTUALLY utilizes a truly diverse color palate, including non-visible ranges such as ultraviolet and infrared. 

I think I speak for all fans of professional wrestling when I ask — nay, demand — that WWE finally deliver what we want: really, really, really bright and colorful — obnoxiously so, really — television programming. 

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