Joe Biden
Samoa Joe Biden says he “absolutely belongs” in the WWE Hall of Fame, with an even bigger statue than Trump’s statue in the Celebrity Wing.

United States President Joe Biden spends most of his days storming around the White House, ranting about how the American populace will never truly take him seriously until he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as his predecessor Donald Juan Trump is. 

Veteran political reporter Bob Woodwood’s explosive new book, Malarkey, was written after after hundreds of interviews with White House insiders, sports-entertainment insiders, and Biden himself — all revealing a dangerously unhinged president who will abuse his position of power to strongarm his way into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

An excerpt from Malarkey, by Bob Woodward: 

Biden spends most mornings in his pajamas and aviator shades, storming around the West Wing, ranting and raving about his arch-nemesis, Donald Trump. Biden’s rage frequently trumps Trump’s! Staffers are terrified of Biden’s mood swings — one moment he is chatting amiably with aides about the usual democrat stuff  (baby-eating and such), and the next moment he’ll fly off the handle, demanding that someone “Get Vince McMahon on the goddamn phone.” McMahon, the WWE mogul who supported Donald Trump’s presidential bid even after Trump shaved his head, has publicly stated that Biden will “never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame” (although some pundits believe this is all part of a storyline to a WrestleMania 38 match pitting Biden and his separated-at-birth identical twin brother Ric Flair). 

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