Mick foley wings
Mick Foley pretends to fall from the Hell in a Cell cage.

Former professional wrestler Mick “Mankind” Foley confessed today that his infamous 1998 “bump” from the 20-foot Hell in a Cell cage was actually an elaborate ruse.

“Yes, I cheated,” Foley finally admitted today on Twitter.

“I didn’t want to get hurt. #HadANiceDay.”

Foley’s reputation as a “hardcore legend” was cemented on the night The Undertaker apparently hurled him off the roofed cage, sending Foley crashing dramatically through an announce table below (the Spanish one, naturally).

But it turns out that millions of wrestling fans were duped that night, as Foley merely created the illusion of a devastating “bump” thanks to mirrors, misdirection, and superb acting.

Although it seemed that Foley suffered numerous injuries that night, they were all just clever subterfuges. The “tooth” in his nostril, for instance, was actually a winterfresh Tic Tac.

The news of Foley’s Hell in a Cell deception comes on the heels of a report that Foley cheated during a recent chicken wing eating contest — a revelation so scandalous that a New York Times editorial called for Foley’s immediate deportation back to Truth or Consequences.