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A fool-proof plan put into action.

A lonely and naive wrestling fan is optimistic that a sign he made bearing the words “Marry Me Paige,” which he intends to hold aloft at a WWE event tonight, will win the heart of the pale-complexioned Diva.

“It’s a really good sign,” said 36-year-old Paul McCutcheon, pointing out the clarity of his penmanship and the sturdiness of the cardboard, along with its heartfelt sentiment.

“I think she’ll like it, and she’ll realize what a good husband I’d be.”

McCutcheon, an Arby’s night manager whose bachelor apartment is wallpapered with images of the attractive British wrestlerette, is under the mistaken impression that he and Paige “have so much in common.”

“We’re both pale, we both like wrestling, we both dislike Nikki Bella, and we’ve both been to Seattle,” said McCutcheon. “I’m not perfect, but I’m sure she’ll learn to love me and my various scents.”

McCutcheon’s optimism is admirable, given the discouraging failure of his “Marry Me Lita” campaign of 2006.