Professional sports-entertainer Brock” Lesnar has added another achievement to his already-impressive resume: he is now officially the member of Sioux Plequès City, a small city in Saskatchewan an hour’s drive from Lesnar’s home. 

Lesnar won the city’s mayoralty by a landslide, beating out 27-year incumbent mayor Glenn Moody, and is expected to “forcefully” take office Monday. 

Remarkably, Lesnar did not even realize he was a mayoral candidate in Sioux Plequès City. 

He had become something of a hero to residents of the town, who swelled with local pride when Lesnar squealed, during a 2015 grappling bout against Roman Reigns, “Sioux Plequès City, Bisque!”

During that moment, Lesnar was, of course, referring to the must-try lobster soup at the longest-running restaurant in Sioux Plequès City: “SOUP, Let’s Eat Bisque!” 



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