Kayfabe News has now been able to independently confirm reports that former WWE Superstars CM Punk and Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson have something something something Tony Khan, something something Double or Nothing! 

AEW bigwig Cody Rhodes confirmed via Twitter today that: “YES! YES! YES! What time is it? This week on Dynamite, yada yada blah blah cryptic reference #AEW #Hashtag.”

Neither Daniel Bryan (real name Diana L. Byranston) nor CM Punk (real name Phil Lafon Brookside) have confirmed something something whatever, but backstage sources reportedly say something something AJ Lee and blah blah blah.  

Veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler said on the Wrestling Whatever Podcast that it is “95 percent confirmed that Punk and Bryan blabbity blip blap bloop.”

We will continue to stay on this story as it fails to develop. 

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