Bray Wyatt robs smiles from children’s faces for the Break-A-Wish Foundation.

Carrying on a long tradition of charitable work by WWE wrestlers, Bray Wyatt has devoted much of his spare time to terrifying sick kids for the Break-A-Wish Foundation.

The charity, which believes that unadulterated fear may trigger children’s immune systems to fight disease, has lauded the hillbilly messiah as their greatest celebrity partner.

“He’s absolutely terrifying,” said Break-A-Wish Foundation president Kendrick Harkins. “It’s wonderful. When I see the looks of abject terror on those kids’ faces, it warms my heart.”

In a typical scenario, Wyatt upside-down-crab-walks to a terminally ill child, whispers “We’re here,” and laughs maniacally.

According to a recent study, the sheer terror of being confronted by the inbred cult leader has been shown to send many forms of terminal illness into remission. The Break-A-Wish Foundation calls it the “scared healthy phenomenon.”

Interestingly, some children specifically request a visit from Wyatt instead of John Cena.