wwe action figure
The Sin Cara action figure, which has recently be repacked and branded as "Vintage Rey Mysterio."

Hoping to recuperate their losses on the ill-fated line of Sin Cara action figures, toymaker Mattel is re-branding the dolls as “The Vintage Rey Mysterio Series.”

“Own a piece of history with the WCW-era Rey Mysterio action figure!” blares the voice-over in a new TV commercial for the toys. “Re-live Rey’s classic matches against Juventud Guerrera and Billy Kidman!”

Although WWE had high hopes for Sin Cara, the Mexican luchadore’s much-hyped debut was followed by a string of botched moves and injuries, resulting in his disappearance from WWE television.

Having already spent more than $2 million in manufacturing and marketing of the Sin Cara action figure, Mattel opted to hastily repackage the toy with a new name.

In related news, Mattel intends to repackage thousands of unsold A-Train action figures under the name “Unshaven Lord Tensai.”