Bleacher Report has made its predictions for Extreme Rules, covering every possible outcome.

Bleacher Report, a popular sports website offering news and opinions written by an army of armchair journalists, has made its predictions for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, covering every conceivable outcome and fallout.

Rather than merely predicting one likely outcome per match — as is the editorial strategy of more traditional news outlets — Bleacher Report has hedged its bets by predicting an infinite number of possible results, some of which must come true.

Articles currently posted on the website include:

  • Why John Cena Must Beat Ryback This Sunday
  • Why Ryback Must Beat John Cena This Sunday
  • 33 Reasons Why Cena-Versus-Ryback Will End in a Double-Countout
  • Cena-Ryback Shocker: Will Hulk Hogan Interfere?
  • Why Hulk Hogan Must Never Interfere at Extreme Rules
  • Is Hulk Hogan the Most Extreme Wrestler of All Time?
  • 5 Possible Scenarios for Ryback-Cena-Hogan at WrestleMania 30
  • 11 Reasons Why Ryback and Cena Belong in TNA

Elsewhere on Bleacher Report are dozens of other articles exploring the Extreme Rules undercard, such as: “Why Dean Ambrose Can’t Beat Kofi Kingston,” “5 Reasons Dean Ambrose Will Win the U.S. Title,” and “Why Dean Ambrose Belongs Back in the Indies.”

At the moment, the most popular articles on the site are “10 Extreme Rules Results You Take to the Bank” and “Sure-Fire Picks For Extreme Rules,” which share no predictions in common.