biden wwe
This loser has never even been in AEW, let alone WWE.

Well congratulations, dumbocrats, now you’ve really done it!

Do any of you libtards even realize that so-called new “president,” Joe Biden, is NOT EVEN IN THE WWE HALL OF FAME?!

How will America ever truly become great again if its commander in chief has never even been in a WWE ring? Wake up, sheeple!

How can a US president mock his enemies on Twitter if there exist no gifs of him clotheslining Vince McMahon or (poorly) taking a Stone Cold Stunner? 

A lot of people are saying the new “president” was not even born in America! That’s why they call him Samoa Joe Biden! 

Of course, the lying mainstream media will tell you that Biden won the election in a free and fair election. But the TRUTH is that Biden has literally NEVER shaved the head of a nemesis. How is he supposed to roll out a comprehensive health plan if he can’t even take a bump? 

Stable genius Trump, meanwhile, skipped the inauguration and returned to his birth country of Kenya. 

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