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Some conspiracy theorists believe this is actually an altered photo from Raw Underground, a segment that WWE denies ever existed.

Although many fans of sports-entertainment have vague recollections of a bizarre series gritty bouts in a ropeless ring called “Raw Underground,” the whole thing was a “mass delusion” that “never actually happened,” according to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 

In a statement issued this morning at the company’s Connecticut headquarters, a WWE spokesperson said: “Despite crazy conspiracy theories on the internet, Raw Underground does not exist, and never has.” 

The statement came as a surprise to many wrestling experts, who share hazy recollections of Shane McMahon shouting at a bunch of unknown goons to clobber one another in a surprisingly well-lit warehouse or someplace.

Asked for comment about Raw Underground, WWE mogul Vince McMahon merely replied: “Never heard of it, quite frankly.”

WWE says any recollections of something called Raw Underground must be false memories resulting from the Mandela effect, in which many people collectively misremember something. 

According to WWE: “In a similar vain, many people mistakenly recall a person named ‘Katie Vick’ being associated with WWE, but this also never happened. Please don’t look into it.”




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