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Moments after this photo was taken, AJ got his lass kicked.

Professional wrestler AJ Styles is nursing a black eye today after being slapped by Becky Lynch, who attacked The Phenomenal One as revenge for his 2012 mistreatment of her beleaguered sister, Claire.

While Styles was still under contract with Total Global Nonstop Action Force Wrestling (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of POP Panda Spike Anthem, Ltd.), it was revealed that he had impregnated Claire Lynch, a struggling addict, during a one-night-stand.

Unbeknownst to Styles — and to most wrestling fans — Claire’s sister, Becky, watched the whole awkward debacle unfold on television, and began training as a pro wrestler in the hopes that, one day, she would come face-to-face with Styles and exact revenge.

She got her opportunity yesterday during a press conference, where she slapped Styles, kneed him in the ground, and gave him a swift kick to the lass.

Although Becky and Claire lived separately for years — Becky in Ireland, Claire at an Orlando boarding house for talentless actors — they remained close, especially after Claire vanished from the airwaves, never to be mentioned again, to the chagrin of nobody.

Styles has not publicly commented on the incident with Becky, but a family member provided a short statement to media: “Oh my god,” said his father, Joey.



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