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This famous wrestler of yesteryear seems to be well-adjusted and clear-headed, shockingly.

A handheld video from an independent wrestling show went viral this week due to its shocking depiction of a middle-aged former WWE star enunciating clearly, moving sure-footedly, and generally making a positive contribution to the event.

Describing the video as “unprecedented,” longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler said the wrestler rumored to be “totally on the wagon” and “dealing with his post-WWE life in a positive and downright inspirational way.”

At one point in the video, the wrestler — looking fit and vigorous for his age, without a whiff of bedraggled desperation — says without slurring: “I know I’m not a big star anymore, but that’s OK. I’m just enjoying one more tour of the independent circuit!”

The once-married-never-divorced wrestler rose to the height of popularity in the 1980s, but never let the success go to his head, avoided the pitfalls of drugs and infidelity, and adjusted smoothly to a quiet life away from the spotlight and cheering crowds.

In the viral video, he embarrasses neither himself nor his fellow performers, and tarnishes his legacy not even one tiny bit.

Wrote one viewer on YouTube: “I thought I had seen it all with the old-timers, but a this one takes the cake.”