As an organization that tours non-stop, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been hit especially hard by rising costs of gasoline and jet fuel, which has forced the company to return, perhaps permanently, to its so-called ThunderDome. 

A press release issued this morning from the company’s Stamford headquarters says that “effective immediately, the ThunderDome is the home of WWE once again — and fans are obligated to love it!”

A leaked internal memo to WWE employees states that “all performers, crew, and other live event staff must live in Orlando and ideally bike to work.”

The economic challenges WWE is facing are exacerbated by scandal over the recent allegations implying that the “Mr. McMahon” character played on TV by Vince McMahon did not require any acting ability to pull off convincingly

Returning to the ThunderDome will surely be a hit with TV viewers, though — especially because it means we might be treated to the greatest content in pro wrestling history, Raw Underground, which has been happening in the basement of the ThunderDome this whole time


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