Wrestling fans
This one-in-a-million man loves professional wrestling, yet has a steady job, fulfilling relationship, and rock-solid moral compass!

Do you believe in miracles?

You might after reading the tale of Neil Ellis, an avid fan of professional wrestling who, against all odds, is well-adjusted, emotionally balanced 28-year-old with a steady job and no deep-seated psychological defects!

This one-in-a-million outlier, who has watched wrestling since childhood but somehow turned out completely normal, says he enjoys wrestling as a “fun, over-the-top diversion from daily life.” Amazing, right?

He and his girlfriend of four years — yes, you read that correctly! — often watch wrestling together, as they get a kick out of the bombastic characters and storylines, though they sometimes watch the news or read books on Monday nights instead.

Amazingly, despite his life-long love of wrestling, Ellis has never written a profanity-laden, egregiously misspelled rant in an online wrestling forum attacking fans for cheering wrestlers he personally doesn’t care for.

When millions of wrestling fans worldwide were apoplectic with rage over the success of Roman Reigns, the remarkable Ellis merely shrugged: “It’s just a show,” he said. “Nothing to get all worked up about.”