WrestleMania Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan is clobbered with the Brogue Kick that would lead to his 18-second loss at WrestleMania — and a meteoric rise in popularity. (Photo: wwe.com)

Inspired by Daniel Bryan’s meteoric rise in popularity following his 18-second defeat at WrestleMania, nearly every superstar on the WWE roster is now trying to lose just as quickly.

An entire WWE house show in Atlanta this week wrapped up after only 13 minutes, with the longest bout — a rematch between Randy Orton and Kane — lasting a mere 47 seconds from bell to bell.

A bidding war has reportedly erupted in the WWE locker room as wrestlers are vying for the opportunity to get kicked in the head by Sheamus early in a match.

So far, no other wrestler has enjoyed a spike in popularity after a quick defeat the way Bryan did at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon has been threatening suspensions and terminations if the ultra-short matches continue.

No one is quite sure why Bryan’s popularity skyrocketed so drastically after his speedy loss to Sheamus last Sunday. Even Bryan himself is baffled by his sudden mega-stardom.

Asked by Kayfabe News if, in retrospect, he is glad he lost his WrestleMania match so quickly, Bryan responded with an emphatic “Yes!”