John Cena
Despite his bold claims and posturing, John Cena does not have a PhD in Thuganomics.

Scandal has tainted the world of professional wrestling again after it was revealed that John Cena dropped out of his PhD program in Thugamomics, thus never earning the doctorate about which he has repeatedly boasted.

Transcripts obtained by Kayfabe News through the Freedom of Information Act show that Cena failed to complete the freshman course requirements at Yale University’s prestigious Institute of Advanced Thuganomics, kicking out after just two semesters.

“Mr. Cena did not even submit a thesis paper on Basic Thuganomics,” says a statement issued yesterday by Yale. “If he continues to fraudulently proclaim himself a Doctor of Thuganomics, Yale may be forced to pursue legal action.”

Further investigation revealed that Cena did indeed earn a diploma in Introductory Thuganomics for a part-time correspondence course from DeVry, but that does not qualify him as a doctor in the subject.

WWE has yet to announce any disciplinary action it will take regarding the matter.

This is not the first case of a wrestling personality falsifying educational credentials. Last year it was revealed that Slick is not, in fact, a Doctor of Style.