AJ Lee breasts
AJ Lee (left) has consulted with voluptuous friend Big L Langston about breast enhancement surgery.

Feeling pressured by her employer to undergo breast enhancement surgery, AJ Lee recently sought advice from her voluptuous friend Big E Langston.

“Big E reassured me that the procedure was painless when he had it done,” Lee said in an interview.

“He looks great now, so I think I’ll go for it.”

Lee is one of the few Divas in World Wrestling Entertainment not to have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and is frequently ogling Langston’s ample double-D bosoms.

In fact, many WWE Divas, such as the Bella Quadruplets, have come under intense scrutiny amid allegations that they are using performance-enhancing jugs.

Although Langston is proud of his firm, perky and well-rounded bosoms, he wishes Lee would make a little more eye contact.


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