Bella twins WWE
Wrestling fans were delighted to see the Bella Quadruplets, looking better than ever, pop up on Raw.

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment were overjoyed this week by the surprise backstage appearance of the Bella Quadruplets.

“So great to see all four of them in WWE,” tweeted one fan, @BoobLuvr76. “They’re looking better than ever.”

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Many wrestling fans feared they might never see the Bella Quadruplets again after Brie and Nikki Bella departed the company last year, but all four of them returned with renewed bounce.

The Bellas spent their time away from WWE performing on the independent circuit, visiting reputable Beverly Hills surgeons and recuperating in bed.

When the Bella Quadruplets appeared in a backstage segment with the Rhodes Scholars this week on Monday Night Raw, fan reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

“They’re even nicer-looking than I remember them,” tweeted @FlashThemCans. “The quadruplets seem perky and ready for action.”


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