Beth Natalya
Beth Phoenix (left) and Natalya are among the WWE Divas accused of using performance-enhancing jugs.

World Wrestling Entertainment has once again become embroiled in controversy after leaked documents revealed that many WWE Divas are using performance-enhancing jugs.

According to the documents, the average bra size among WWE Divas is nearly triple that of the average female athlete in other sports, which led to the jug allegations.

This discrepancy seems to provide conclusive evidence that many Divas have used performance-enhancing jugs to unfairly gain prominence on WWE’s female roster.

WWE honcho Vince McMahon is also implicated in the jug scandal, since he is known to give preferential treatment to wrestlers with unnaturally bulky physiques.

Natalya and Nikki Bella (but not Brie Bella) are among the Divas named in the confidential document, which recommends WWE institute a jug-testing policy.

Sources within WWE say the problem may be difficult to solve, since many members of the so-called WWE Universe are jug-addicts.