voters added to the list of jericho
Chris Jericho now has a 4,000-page section of his List titled “stupid idiocracy.”

Following a shocking election in which a fluorescent-orange flim-flam man was voted to the world’s most powerful office, approximately 60 million American have been added to the List of Jericho.

Professional wrestler Chris Jericho has been furiously scrawling names of voters — from Arthur Aaron of Alabama to Zeke Zinder of Wyoming — to his ever-growing list of people who have committed egregious offenses against him and the world.

The Canadian-born Jericho, along with his fellow Canuck and bestie Kevin Owens, issued a joint statement this morning ¬†insisting¬†the American public has finally “lost……….. it.”

“The downfall of the American empire — drink it in, mannnn,” said Jericho.

He added that, under its preposterous new president, the United States is a “stupid idiocracy” that will “never, eeeevvverrr, be the same agayn.”