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Undertaker begins WrestleMania entrance

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The legendary Undertaker has because his ominous, glacial-paced approach to the ring for WrestleMania.

With his Hell in a Cell showdown at WrestleMania less than a month away, legendary wrestler The Undertaker has begun his slow, ominous approach to the ring.

Due to the sheer hugeness of the AT&T Stadium in Texas, the Phenom will spend the next four weeks imperceptibly nearing the ring, engulfed in an eerie blue mist while pryotechnic fireballs launch behind him.

The Undertaker is expected to stop for three meals each day, and sleep in a silk-lined casket each night before resuming his entrance promptly at 8 o’clock each morning.

The choreography may get difficult if Randy Orton is added to the WrestleMania card, since he will need to begin his own entrance this Tuesday.



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