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Ultra-high-speed camera captures footage of Bo Dallas’ push

Bo dallas push

Frame #221 of the high-speed Bo Dallas footage appears to show him inside a Raw ring.

Newly released footage from World Wrestling Entertainment’s ultra-high-speed camera depicts what many fans may have missed if they blinked: the main-roster push of rookie Bo Dallas.

When viewed in slow motion, the unprecedented footage — filmed at a frame-rate capable of capturing the individual beats of a hummingbird’s wings — clearly shows the long-haired, grinning Dallas appearing on, and immediately disappearing from, WWE Raw.

The images are believed to be evidence of a brief, quickly aborted “push,” in wrestling lingo.

“The footage from the new TitanView High-Speed Vidmaxer camera captured 293 frames of Bo Dallas entering the Raw ring, interacting briefly with Wade Barrett, and then zipping back to developmental,” explained WWE video technician William Manfield.

“For comparison, the time it takes a car airbag to deploy would last 383 frames.”

WWE video experts intend to review other footage from Raw to investigate rumors that JTG appeared on a recent episode.

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