will undertaker be at wrestlemania 30
WWE announced that Hunico will assume the iconic role of The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30.

World Wrestling Entertainment announced today that the role of The Undertaker, a popular recurring character at the company’s annual WrestleMania pay-per-view, will be played at the April event by versatile wrestler Hunico.

In a brief press release issued by WWE’s Stamford headquarters this morning, the company announced that “fans can expect the same level of excitement as from The Undertaker as always, regardless of the minor casting change.”

The Undertaker, who is a staple of the company’s flagship event thanks to his impressive two-decade winning “streak,” has traditionally been played by 48-year-old Mark Calaway.

However, due to Calaway’s advancing age and nagging injuries, the decision was made this week to replace him at the upcoming WrestleMania event with Hunico, who has most recently been appearing as the masked wrestler Sin Cara.

Hunico has reportedly been understudying Calaway for several months already, and can convincingly mimic The Undertaker’s trademark moves, such as raising his arms to brighten arena lighting, the tombstone piledriver, and the post-match genuflecting on one knee with an arm outstretched.

WWE is reportedly planning to book Mark Calaway as special guest referee for a Divas Musical Chairs match at WrestleMania.