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Sunny stoops to the only business less classy than pro wrestling


Sunny will show her breasts for money, because pro wrestling was apparently too classy for her tastes.

Having fallen on hard times since her mid-1990s heyday as World Wrestling Entertainment’s pre-eminant “Diva,” Sunny has lowered herself to the one profession further down the cultural hierarchy than pro wrestling: online stripping.

Sunny announced today that she will show her breasts and “a lot more” to fans willing to pay up to $100 for online video-chat sessions via Skype — a profession slightly less classy than play-fighting in spandex as part of the carnivalesque spectacle of pro wrestling.

Apparently not satisfied with her WWE legacy of prancing about in skimpy outfits, making kissy-faces at the camera and distracting referees, Sunny has decided to try something even more desperate to make a quick buck.

A recent study by Harvard University ranked “Paid Online Breast and Genital Flashing” slightly below “Professional Wrestling” on the a list of The World’s Most Undignified Professions.

Both wrestling and online stripping just barely outranked one other profession, which also happens to be the oldest profession.


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