Bret hart sunny
Bret Hart and Sunny were collegial coworkers in WWE, but have fallen out of touch, and Hart insists they “totally won’t be Skyping tonight.”

Legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart abruptly cancelled several appointments this morning in order to stay home and sign-up for a Skype account.

In completely unrelated news, former WWE Diva Sunny announced today that she will begin charging fans for Skype sessions in which she will bare her breasts ($50), or get fully nude ($100), presumably while a lonely, nostalgic wrestling fan pleasures himself in an act of self-loathing auto-eroticism.

The urgency and abruptness with which Hart signed up for Skype is, of course, not demonstrably connected in any way to Sunny’s announcement, regardless of what rumors Shawn Michaels has been circulating about Hart’s recent stretch of “Sunny Days.”

Michaels, of course, is probably just being a jerk.

The fact that Hart chose “SexcellenceOfSexecution” as his Skype handle — and that his profile photo depicts him posing with Sunny in the mid-1990s — is also purely coincidental.

Dean Ambrose, meanwhile, also signed up for Skype today with the handle “SunnyMaster.”