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Paige has wardrobe malfunction at WWE event

Paige slip

Paige was mortified when she realized she is not a very good seamstress.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva Paige had an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction” at a live event last night when a decorative string of sequins was torn from her ring attire, demonstrating her shoddy sewing skills.

“Drat!” Paige was heard to exclaim by fans at ringside. “I paid five quid (British pounds) for those sequins, and I quite liked them.”

The mishap occurred during a match against Natalya, who, coincidentally, had her own wardrobe malfunction the previous evening when the sole of her right boot became unglued during a match, making it difficult for her to execute her high-speed arsenal.

Thankfully, Paige’s mishap did not result in “slip” of either of her nipples, which remained safely tucked away from public view, despite the minor damage to the garment.

According to Google search analytics, however, a large number of depraved wrestling fans actually want¬†Paige’s milk-white breasts to become fully exposed.

If you are one of those lecherous fans, shame on you. Paige seems like a lovely, reputable young woman. How dare you objectify her like that? You’re gross.


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