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Opening segment of Raw features two hours and 53 minutes of talk

WWE Monday

The opening segment of Raw featured 173 minutes of talking.

This week’s episode of WWE Raw opened with an in-ring verbal showdown that continued for nearly the entire three-hour duration of the program.

The segment, which was slightly longer than the film Braveheart, kicked off with AJ Lee in the ring, making a pronouncement about the evening’s main event.

Lee was then interrupted by CM Punk and Paul Heyman, who were interrupted by John Cena, who was interrupted by Mick Foley, who was interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, who were interrupted by a commercial break, which was followed by an interruption by The Miz, who was interrupted by Ryback.

The main event of the program, a triple-threat match between Cena, Punk and Ziggler, was squeezed into six minutes, which was interrupted by two commercial breaks.

The program ended with a surprising interruption by Brock Lesnar, which will be addressed during 173 minutes of blather next Monday.

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