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REPORT: Millions of Americans mistakenly voted via WWE App

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WWE fans lean left, but usually just because they’re drunk.

A new report issued today by a political think-tank reveals that the results of the American election were drastically skewed by the fact that millions of wrestling fans mistakenly cast their votes via a poll on the WWE App.

Nearly 2.7 million voters actually voted for Hillary Clinton to win the American presidency in a falls-count-anywhere match, according to the report from the Brookings Institution.

“Wrestling fans appear to be largely democratic,” the report reads, “but not terribly clever.”

The report continues: “The majority of these sports-entertainment enthusiasts support Clinton, but only because she is the slightly less terrifying candidate in a Bra-and-Panties stipulation.”

Whereas the majority of WWE App users are left-leaning, their votes — if cast correctly — would still have led to a landslide victory for President Jack Tunney.

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