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15 adorable puppy photos to look at next time Roman Reigns grabs a microphone

Ruh-roh! Is a certain former Shield member reaching for the microphone again?

Why not spend this “paws” in the action looking at some adorable puppies?

It’ll also come in handy during the first 25 minutes of any episode of Raw.


1. Why would you listen to Roman Reigns when you could rub this little puppy’s silky-soft ears?











2. This puppy thinks Reigns should have honed his skills on the indy scene for a few years. 









3. “Roman Reigns is on TV? I’ll just sit here outdoors.”










4. “Thanks for the lullaby, Roman!”











5. This puppy plans to hide in a box until a Mizdow segment. 











6. This puppy is trying to sneak away from the TV because Roman Reigns is on. Sneaky little darling!











7. This puppy wanted to see Ziggler win the Rumble.










8. This puppy enjoyes leaves — like when Reigns “leaves” the mic alone!











9. These puppies have spots, but they deserve their spots, unlike Roman Reigns.











10. This puppy was full of energy until he watched a Roman Reigns promo!









11. This puppy would rather get neutered than see Reigns vs. Lesnar at ‘Mania. 










12. The second puppy from the left actually likes Roman Reigns, which is why his siblings ostracize him.











13. This puppy was born 17 minutes ago and already doesn’t like Roman Reigns.











14. “Come inside and watch Roman Reigns on Raw? Nah, I’ll stay here and freeze, thanks.”









15. This puppy only watches Japanese wrestling, and is kind of a smug dick about it.












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