The second season of Serial will seek answers in a cold case ripped from the headlines of

The enormously popular Serial podcast is returning for a second season to tackle what is arguably the most vexing cold case in American legal history: the mystery of who killed Vince McMahon in an apparent limo-bombing in June 2007.

Podcast host Sarah Koenig confirmed this morning that the upcoming season of Serial will “cast serious doubt on the official story” by interviewing the wrestlers, crew members and assorted midgets who were there on the fateful day McMahon was murdered.

The second season of Serial, sponsored by Mail Chimp, will follow the successful format of the first, with Koenig unravelling the case week-by-week and refusing to acknowledge that she has fallen in love with the prime suspect.

Her investigation will examine hinge on a number of yet-unanswered questions surrounding the case, such as:

  • Was there a payphone outside a nearby Best Buy, from which Road Dogg’s ass reportedly called somebody three minutes before the murder?
  • Why do cellphone tower records put McMahon in Stamford several minutes after the explosion?
  • Why did Muhammad Hassan borrow Daivari’s car that day?
  • What was Paul London smiling about moments before the explosion?
  • What is Jay not saying?

Much like in the first season of Serial, Koenig’s investigation will reach no satisfying resolution, leaving listeners with an empty, hopeless feeling after the final episode.

In that sense, it will appeal to fans of wrestling, who feel that way after every episode of Raw.

Mr McMahon’s exploding limo by SmackDown54